The Beast

Here's a photo of a car we towed a while back that was absolutely insane. Not exactly sure how the owner manages to keep his tyres longer than a week but who cares, this thing was amazing. The customer needed a reliable tow truck driver that was going to the take the adequate care to make sure his pride and joy arrived safely to the destination. From the get go, we knew that this kind of vehicle required a professional tow truck driver who knew Canberra and the surrounding regions back to front. 


We transported the vehicle interstate into New South Wales where it competed at a competition and blew away racegoers. After the event, and a few new sets of tyres, we loaded the vehicle onto our tow truck and made the trek back to Canberra with our precious cargo under our watchful eye.


If you're a motoring enthusiast who's looking for a safe and secure way to transport your vehicle interstate without adding too many K's to the odo, call us today to receive the new standard in vehicle transport.