Not long ago we had the pleasure of transporting this nice classic interstate to visit a specialist mechanic in Sydney. The owner had painstakingly looked after this car since new and had managing to keep its odometer astonishingly below 150,000 clicks. The owner was referred to us by a mate of his who had heard about our speciality in transporting special vehicles over longer trips. 


On the day of the job we noticed storm clouds lurking in the distance and decided to check the weather forecast. It was at this time I saw that there was one hell of a storm coming. When we arrived to pick up the car the owner was nervous to say the least, we assured him that our specialist covers will do the trick in making sure that even an enslaught of golf ball size hail stones won't do a thing.


Just as washing your car makes it rain, our preparations managed to prevent the impending threat of rain and we managed to arrive to Sydney without a single drop hitting the car. We've since heard from the owner of this vehicle who's told us his classic car is now up and running better than ever.